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This institution is an equal opportunity provider
Hunt New Mexico LLC operates under permit on the Carson National Forest.
Hunt New Mexico LLC also operates under permit on specific BLM Lands, NM State Lands, Gila National Forest, Cibola National Forest, Santa Fe National Forest and WSMR





NM Draw Instructions

Login if you have already created an account.
If you have not, you will need to create an account prior to moving forward.

Once you have logged in find the "DRAW HUNT APPLICATION" tab in the left hand column and click on it.

You may be asked a question about your veteran status.

You will then be directed to the “DRAW INFORMATION” page.
At the bottom of this page you will find the blue box that says

You may have a box pop-up asking about your harvest reports. New
Mexico requires harvest reporting on most species you have held a
license for in the previous year. Neglecting to file a harvest report
from the previous year will invalidate your license. If you failed to submit a harvest report you will need to pay an $8.00 fee and then you will file your harvest report. If you fail to submit a harvest report  you will be removed from the draw.  If you do not see this pop-up then you are good. You may still be able to complete this harvest report for a fee.

You will then be asked if you are creating a "NEW APPLICATION" (most common) or if you are "ATTACHING TO ANOTHER APPLICATION". This is what you will be doing if you are putting into the draw with someone else that has already created a lead application and provided you with the attach code.
By attaching to someones application it will guarantee that, if drawn, you will draw together. If you plan on having someone attach to
your application you can create a new application and an attach
code, will be provided at the end of the application process. You can provide that code to the other applicants that will be attaching to your application. All applications attached will be put in for the same hunt codes and dates as the lead application. To attach make sure only one applicant creates the original lead application and all others will use the provided attach code from that lead application to attach to that original application. 

You will now be directed to the “LICENSE OPTIONS” page. New Mexico requires all hunters to have a hunting license. This is where you will purchase your hunting license along with your “HABITAT STAMP” and “HABITAT MANAGEMENT AND ACCESS VALIDATION”.
The “habitat management and access validation” will be pre-checked since it is required by all hunters. You may need to click “Add to Order” to add the Habitat stamp.

After making your License selections and clicking on continue you will
be asked to add those items to your cart.

The next page you will be asked to select the species you are applying for. Once you make that selection you will be taken to the
DRAW PAGE” From here you will select your desired species and hunts based on weapon choice and dates. They are in order of 1st - 5th choice. The 4th and 5th choice are not mandatory and your choices are, “I do not wish to enter a 4th choice” and “Yes or No” to be placed on a population management hunt list. These choices are usually reserved for those that will take any hunt that is left over if their first 3 choices are already filled. The 4th choice hunts are usually lower quality hunts with low success rates. If you do choose this option and draw a less than desirable hunt you are still required to use the outfitter and all agreed upon fees will remain the same and no refunds will be allowed. We do not recommend choosing a 4th or 5th choice. We will not guarantee the ability to provide service on a 5th choice and require this selection is checked "No". 

After making all of those choices you will see the “AUTHORIZATION CODE” box. You should leave this blank.

Below you will see the
” this is where you will be putting the Hunt New Mexico LLC
outfitter number (This number will be provided to you after the contract is returned signed and completed, and any required payments are completed).
Once you click on the “YES” box you will be asked to confirm you have a signed contract with this outfitter. Check this confirmation box and put in the “OUTFITTER NUMBER” box.
You will be asked to have the tag sent directly to you or to the
outfitter if you are drawn. If you choose to have the tag mailed to you please remember to bring it with you for your hunt or we will not be able to proceed until you have it in your possession.

The next box will confirm your address and personal information. You
will also be asked about E-tagging. If you choose the E-Tag option you will need to download the NM Game and Fish App to your phone.
Assuming everything is good you should be directed back to the  initial “DRAW” page.

Up at the top of your page you will see that you have items in
your shopping cart. Click on the shopping cart and verify that
everything is correct. Remember that once the purchase is complete you can not make any changes. Verify that your hunt codes are correct. You may now check out. Once you check out you will be given an “Application Number” and “Attach code” if you plan to enter into the draw with other hunters. If you are planning to apply with others they will need this number. Or if someone else in your party has already applied you will need their number. 

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